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Wedding Photography for me has little to do with crafting timeless posed images. To me, a wedding photographer’s job is to make sure that the couple and the people around them have the best time of their lives celebrating the union between the couple and celebrating life and friendship. As a photographer with over 10 years of experience and over 300 weddings under my belt, I know how tedious weddings can be to plan out and execute. So I am there both as a photographer as well as a helping hand to solve the last minute issues which never cease to prop up in the most inconvenient of times. Once these small problems are fixed, all of you can get back to enjoy your wedding day. A wedding is all about the emotions and love between all involved: the old friendships meeting to celebrate, and new ones forming right there infront of our eyes. Wedding Photography for me is to capture these experiences and events in their most intimate forms. If this speaks to your guts, head over to my home-page, to discover more of my work and then head over to contact me from the contact section or by sending an email to

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